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  • Stewed cod wih Cicerale beans e Carasau bread


  • Maiden Heifer burger on homemade bread, smoked cheese and Brussels sprouts


  • Slow-breaised beef in beer and spiced cous cous


  • Lamb loin with pears, served with red wine reduction



Grilled main Dishes

  • Baby pork with Vinosus style aromatized olive oil (rosemary, sage, juniper)
  • Lamb chops
  • Beef sirloin with asparagus and Pecorino cheese wafer
  • Sliced steak with ingredients you prefer


By reservation only


  • Pheasant stuffed baked in casserole, baked with White wine Orvieto Classic Superior.
    at least for two persons



Booking in advance we can prepare the following dishes from the local Orvieto tradition

Chicken, lamb, pork, duck, guinea fowl, pigeon, young roasted pork.

The preparation and cooking mode will be decided together. 


Table reservations at Vinosus

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