Our philosophy in one word: "Simplicity"


This is the key word, this is the goal, this is the mission.

To get it, but there are few clear rules:


    1. Not too upset ever classic recipes, as I say remove grease (the right)
    2. Never add ingredients too exotic or extravagant. To achieve good results you must have the raw materials of excellence, including the most important thing in my kind of cooking oil is. Oil is essential and the area of Orvieto has been blessed by the Lord. Fry the frizz never right, this is the secret to digest that I am in particular.
    3. The passion for what you do and who knows me knows that is the main engine of my life. I'm really curious, I want to learn about, understand, are not only thirsty, and my main passion "WINE" from which comes the pleasure of research, but from the bacon, the mustache, pasta and so on everything else, even the salt and reason to search.

Here Vinosus to try to make a few pleasant hours for those who choose to visit us.

In our menu, now there are some dishes that we can not change: "noodles and ricotta cheese and pepper bacon, ombrichelli all'amatriciana, noodles carbonara, pasta with truffles, and I can assure you that the truffle is 100% truffles and many other dishes.

In the kitchen I try to follow the rhythm of the seasons.

I see things in a simple, if you make a flower water to the sun, otherwise it grows .....


I admit I'm a bit manic, set, try, look and smell when I write, I compose the menu I always try to immerse myself in the client. In short, I try to do my best, always.

My job is not just a job for me is a real reason for living.

Hence the invitation to come to visit us at"Vinosus" You will decide whether to share or not the way of duing of my kitchen.


Luca Fratini