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Welcome to Trattoria Wine Bar Vinosus Orvieto by Rita Angeli


This man is crazy. But how, you have a pretty nice restaurant in the Cathedral of Orvieto, a summer terrace and fantastic that you do, you get well into his head to make things right?

Give up the easy money to set up one of the most successful Trattoria in Umbria in recent years? Madness, indeed. That is a little red thread that links the experiences of Luca Fratini, a volcano full of enthusiasm, contagious and sometimes too manic mood.


(Citazione tratta da: http://www.tipicamente.it/index.php/in-vinosus-veritas/)

Vinosus La Trattoria is located in the heart of Orvieto on the left of the cathedral, in a corner of the square so private that you could almost not see it unless someone shows you exactly where it is. Then from there you'll find once you find how it will be nice to appreciate the view of the Cathedral of Orvieto. In the quiet of the dining room finely cured in every detail, from tablecloths glasses, silverware, works of art displayed on the walls or the frescoes that adorn the ceilings, which give a unique impression to the premises.


But the lounge is not all, for those who choose to spend an evening for a tasting of fine wines, or for an intimate dinner at Trattoria Vinosus of Orvieto from the early days of spring until late summer and the strength of Vinosus is undoubtedly the outdoor terrace overlooking the Duomo. So secluded that you will feel right at home as if you were in the living room of a private home.


The kitchen is run by Mrs. Rita Luca Fratini


The Philosophy of Vinosus: Thanks to decades of international experience and of its creator Luca Fratini that choosed to work basing everything on a straightforward principle: "quality raw materials"and "typical of the area" all combined to excellent wine list with wines from around the world in which Luca had more than just a work experience: "An almost maniacal passion of good drinking. " All dishes will vary according to season. Now all this continues in the hands of Rita Angeli.

Dishes recommended by Rita:


  • The terrine of duck with orange
  • The antipasto with ham and bacon black pig
  • The fresh spaghetti with black truffles
  • The fresh "Pappardelle" pasta with rabbit sauce
  • The "Bucatini" pasta with bacon and asparagus
  • The defatted cake tripe with tomato sauce and mint
  • The lamb's offal
  • The cod in the Orvieto cooking style
  • Roast chicken with potatoes


































Vinosus"Trattoria Wine Bar in Orvieto for a romantic dinner for a business lunch or simply for a quick tasting".